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In order to create a unique relationship between the producer and the consumer, the Valentina Bruschi Farm guarantees all participants of Oliomadre the home delivery of all the oil produced by your plants. In November, we hand pick your olives, we press them within 12h. In January, after a short settling time, we bottle and ship home your Extra Virgin Olive Oil Monte Alburchia.

Pruning ensures the plant’s health and vigor. For this treatment, Valentina Bruschi Farm relies on expert agronomists. Pruning_made in Blufi between March and May-eliminates barren branches and those dry or damaged and provides to the main branches air and light. In this way, the fruit-bearing branches will have more space and energy to grow a more abundant production.

Fertilization restores all the nutritional elements that the life cycle of the plant consumed and is a critical step in the management of any crop. The type of fertilizer chosen radically affects the health of the plant, that’s why we prefer fertilizers from certified organic farms. In this way, any chemical can alter the natural balance of our plants.

The oil fly threatens the health of the olive because its larva, deposited inside the fruit, eats the pulp. The larva affects the productivity of the plant and the acidity of the oil. To combat it we chose the biological control. The smell of a rotting Sardinian attracts and traps the oil fly inside a container. Immune to this treatment are the bees, attracted instead by flowers and fruit.

Nitrogen constitutes 78% of the atmosphere and is essential to the life of the plants. The plnat of Sulla in symbiosis with nitrogen-fixing bacteria is capable of transferring nitrogen from the air to the soil. This plant with an intense red flower has a very Sicilian personality; it has deep roots, it’s resistant to drought but not the cold. Famous in agriculture for its revitalizing action, this plant is also known for its refined honey with a floral and rounded aroma.

The participants of the Oliomadre plan Adamant the may customize the labels of their bottles with a short message and a design chosen among the 12 proposed. Your production will become unique and you will be able to dedicate the bottles of Monte Alburchia Olive Oil to your family, address them to your colleagues, or arrange an authentic and exquisite gift for a unique occasion.

A form of smart and updated agriculture can transform a necessity into an asset. In order to minimize our environmental impact, we decided not to burn the prunings from the olive trees of Blufi. Branches and dry leaves are chopped by a chipper and return to the same plants in the form of a local, natural fertilizer.

In February we conduct a light but still effective tillage. This type of work reveals many positive effects: it facilitates the interruption of the capillary rise of water, it keeps the soil soft disintegrating the superficial hardened ground layer, it brings new oxygen to the roots and buries the superficial organic residues including the fertilizers.

We wouldn’t be a real organic farm without a rational and low impact management of the energy needs. We are proud to say that from 2010 all the internal energy needed to Valentina Bruschi Farm in Blufi is produced by three photovoltaic plants and a biomass boiler that gives new life to the farm’s processing waste.