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The yield estimates provide an overview on the olive groves productivity of Valentina Bruschi’s Farm based on the harvests of the last five years. The numbers in the table refer to a lot of plants aged 5 and of average productivity and vary according to the three investment plans proposed by Oliomadre. The investment plan Crisp guarantees a minimum production of olive oil, but does not provide for the production and maintenance activities offered instead by Eager and Adamant investment plans. Pruning, organic fertilization, fight against olive fly and  Italian Sainfoin planting fact improve the olive trees’ health status and increase their productivity. The table provides the yield estimates of the kilograms of olives produced and the oil obtained which constitutes the 12-14% of the weight of the fruit.




monte alburchia olio biologico sicilia, suddivisione oliomadre

A prevision on the harvest is always complex and, like any culture, Blufi olive grove is exposed to variables that are independent from the dedication that the farm reserves to its trees. The health of the individual plant or an adverse climatic event are the factors that can affect the production of our olive trees.

By signing Oliomadre we are committed to get to your home a minimum quantity of olive oil. This is a promise that we will maintain at any cost, that’s why we’ve prepared ourselves against the unexpected.

– We’ve divided the olive grove in lots of 5 plants, so if a plant produces less than expected we can count on four more to guarantee the minimum amount necessary to the annual needs.

– We have reduced the number of lots available by allocating at Oliomadre just over a third of Blufi olive trees. The remaining plants help us defeat the unexpected. If, due to hail or drought, the plants of your lot can’t reach the minimum amount granted, we will use our Monte Alburchia Reserve to keep our promise.